About Badass Cycles

Vintage. Hot rod Motorcycles. Ride hard and die free.

My definition of a "chopper" is a two wheeled machined built by sacrificing one or more motorcycles and reassembled with minimum functional requirements.

Badass Cycles draws heavily on rat rod, drag race, and hot rod influences. I believe that a bike should be stripped down raw and yet be capable of being ridden hard all day, every day.
It is important to keep the style and design cues that make them so unique and my engineering aims to bring it to a whole different level of performance, finish and detail.
Its got to be a tough, no compromise machine that is clearly designed with its heritage in mind.
Unlike an automobile, a motorcycle creates a distinct connection between not only the rider and the road, but the rider and his entire existence.
Like a precision instrument, the motorcycle lifestyle chisels away the homogenized, self righteous, single serving, topical way of life we have become scarily accepting of in today’s society.

As a result of these visceral relationships between man and machine, intriguing, brilliant and passionate individuals who might otherwise go through life as another number are finding the inspiration to express themselves.
We prefer cheap coffee and busted knuckles clutching a warm cylinder head in the cold morning as apposed to a tight grip around Starbucks latte for warmth.
We are of a culture that lays waste to the norm and follows their dreams regardless of the repercussions or perceptions of the society around them.
We live on the fringe and count our wealth in scars and memories, not stocks and bonds. We are the last great generation of real men (and some women.)
you know who you are.

So.... Why cut up a perfectly good bike?

Well, there are lots of reasons and here are a few:

1. Choppers are badass.

2. Stock bikes don't fit individuals... you make yours to fit you.

3. Stock bikes are compromises and don't do any one thing really well... you make yours to suit your riding style.

4. If you are into cruising, a well set up chopper is definitely safer and less tiring than a sport bike

5. You are a unique person and you like to be seen that way, so what's better than personalising your bike.

6. Chopping your bike is great therapy (and cheaper in the long run than a shrink!).

7. Chopping your bike brings out your creativity.

8. Chopping your bike introduces you to new skills.

9. Makes your missus happy... While you're in the shed, you're not in the bar .

10. Chopping your bike stimulates the economy where it is most important... the little guy, the motorcycle shops, wreckers, your biker brother with something to sell etc.

11. Chopping and then riding your creation is one of the sweetest experiences in the world.

Also, tune in daily for brilliantly sarcastic updates via twitter.

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